R. 1:2-2. Trial Courts; Verbatim Record of Proceedings

In the trial divisions of the Superior Court and in the Tax Court, all proceedings in court shall be recorded verbatim except, unless the court otherwise orders, settlement conferences, case management conferences, calendar calls, and ex parte motions. Unless a transcript thereof is marked into evidence, a verbatim record shall also be made of the content of an audio or video tape played during the proceedings and the tape itself shall be marked into evidence as a court’s exhibit and retained by the court. Ex parte proceedings pursuant to R. 4:52 and R. 4:67 shall, however, be recorded verbatim subject to the availability of either a court reporter or a recording device. In the municipal courts, the taking of a verbatim record of the proceedings shall be governed by R. 7:8-8. Charge conferences, whether conducted in open court or in chambers, shall be recorded verbatim as required by R. 1:8-7(a).

Note: Source--R.R. 3:7-5 (first sentence), 3:7-10(d) (fifth sentence), 4:44-2 (first sentence), 4:44-5, 4:61-1(b). Amended June 20, 1979 to be effective July 1, 1979; amended December 20, 1983 to be effective December 31, 1983; amended July 26, 1984 to be effective September 10, 1984; amended January 5, 1998, to be effective February 1, 1998; amended July 10, 1998 to be effective September 1, 1998; amended July 5, 2000 to be effective September 5, 2000; amended July 12, 2002 to be effective September 3, 2002; amended July 28, 2004 to be effective September 1, 2004.

R. 1:2-2, NJ R GEN APPLICATION R. 1:2-2
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